Which Free Fire players can get official V Badge

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The V Badge has established itself as one of Free Fire’s most sought-after objects. As a result of its demand, players have been spending substantial time investigating how to obtain it.

Despite various rumors of the badge being earned through a redeem code and other methods, the only legitimate way to receive it is through the game’s Partner Program. However, joining this feature is not for everyone, and only specific users meeting the requirements will be eligible to apply for it.

Note: Gamers based in India must abstain from playing the game Free Fire since it is banned nationwide. However, they may play FF MAX since it was not on the list of suspended applications.

Who is eligible to get V Badge in Free Fire via Partner Program?

As stated above, the V Badge is given as part of the Partner Program. Consequently, content creators and other eligible personalities will be eligible to apply and gain access to the badge and other benefits.

Nevertheless, to get selected, the following requirements will have to be met:

Developers have a given set of criteria for the Partner Program (Image via Garena)
  • Channels that possess more than 1,00,000 subscribers
  • Within the last 30 days, there needs to be 80% Free Fire content and 3,00,000 channel views
  • Social media activity and content quality have to be consistent
  • The videos uploaded have to be clean, non-offensive, and engaging
  • Creators need to have the professionalism and a willingness to work hard
  • Individuals also must have a passion for gaming and drive to succeed together

However, meeting these requirements will not provide them with a spot in the program since limited spaces are available. There will be an internal review process, and only the best candidates will get selected.

Steps to apply for program

These are the steps that gamers can follow to apply for the Free Fire Partner Program:

Clicking on the Apply Now button will redirect them to the form (Image via Garena)

Step 1: To start the process, individuals will be required to visit the official Partner Program website and tap on the ‘Apply Now’ button.

Step 2: They will be taken to a Google Form where they need to enter details such as their name, ID, channel information, and more.

Step 3: Finally, after the details have been entered, users can submit a form to send in the application.

After following the steps mentioned above, players may wait for a response from the developers.

Other benefits readers will receive

Other perks of enrolling in the program (Image via Garena)

Apart from the V Badge, the Partner Program features many other benefits that may help gamers gain further exposure. Here are the ones stated on the official website:

  • Special in-game rewards, diamonds, and custom room cards
  • Features on the game’s social media handles
  • Advance access to content alongside the observer client
  • In-game codes to perform giveaways for fans
  • Access to communicate with the game’s team
  • Exclusive merchandise invites to tournaments and esports events

In addition to these benefits, financial compensation will be provided to channels with more than 5,00,000 subscribers, alongside a total of 95% Free Fire-based content.