Where to find AWM in Garena Free Fire?

Free Fire is the most downloaded battle royale game. Everyone can easily play this game even on small phones. There are many types of weapons available in the game but the fun of using a sniper rifle is different.

AWM can be considered the most powerful gun in Free Fire. This gun has the power to kill long range and mid range players. Many pro players like to use this gun. Well, in this article we will know where AWM can be found in Free Fire.

Where to find AWM in Garena Free Fire?

The AWM is the least common gun in the game. Players can get it only through airdrop. There is no fixed place for airdrop. He falls in any corner of the zone and the chances of finding a sniper are quite good here. AWM uses special types of bullets and due to this it is always beneficial to use the gun at the right time.

For this reason, everyone saves bullets while using this gun. Apart from this, you can loot this gun only by killing the player with AWM sniper rifle. The player can get knockouts and kills with just one shot of the AWM.

If you don’t get AWM and you like sniping then you can also use VSS or Kar98k. You can easily get kills with these guns too.

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