When will Free Fire MAX OB43 Update go live? New features will come

Free Fire MAX OB43 Update is going to go live in the game soon. Many new features will be brought to the game with the new update.

Story Highlights

  • Free Fire MAX OB43 Update will be released next month.
  • Many new features will come to the game with the new update.
  • Players also have a chance to get rewards in the update.

Free Fire MAX OB43 Update is about to go live in the popular battle royale game. New updates are coming to the game from time to time. Many features are added to the game with new updates. There is a lot of waiting for OB43 Update among the fans. As of now, the game developer Garena has not revealed the official date of the upcoming update. However, the release date of the update has been revealed in the leaked report. Come, let us know in details.

When will Free Fire MAX OB43 Update go live?

The winter season theme was brought to the game with the Free Fire MAX OB43 Update. Apart from this, like every update, new weapons, characters and features were seen in it too. After this, now the update visible to all players is OB43 Update. Garena may announce its release date soon.

If we look at the last few updates, the developer releases the update at the end of January. Based on this, it is expected that Free Fire MAX OB43 Update can be released on January 24, 2024. A big reason for this is that at that time the ranked season of Clash Squad mode will end.

This will be the first update coming next year. Before the stable version of the update is released, testing will be done through advanced servers.

While the update is coming, the game is down for some time due to maintenance. The exact time for this is not known yet. Along with the update, many new features are going to come in the game. Along with this, players will also get some good rewards. With the new update, some new weapons and characters will also be available in the game.

Free Fire Max Advanced Server is similar to the beta version. It serves as a platform for Garena to test new features two weeks before rolling them out in updates.

OB43 integration of the Advanced Server can be expected between January 7 and 12. Registration will be available a few days in advance. Players can register through the official website, which will be necessary to gain access to the Advanced Server.

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