When will Free Fire India launch? Free Fire India Pre-Registration

When will Free Fire India launch: Free Fire is a very popular battle royale game in India. It was banned by the government in 2022 due to security reasons. But in 2023, it was unbanned and Garena Free Fire announced that it will launch a new version in Free Fire India. After this announcement, almost everyone wants to know when Free Fire India will be launched, so that they can download and play this game again.
There is hardly any person who does not like playing games, in today’s time you will get to see and play many games online. But some games are like this. Which has its own identity and most of the people like to play it. The name of one such game is Free Fire Game, millions of people are crazy about this game in India.
Currently Free Fire Game is banned in India but recently the company has announced that Free Fire Game is going to be launched in India very soon. In such a situation, most of the people are desperate to know on which day and at what time the Garena Free Fire game will be launched in India. Well, today we are providing you information about the launch day of Free Fire game.
So in today’s article we will talk about this topic and know when will Garena Free Fire India be launched? We will also know what things have been changed in Free Fire for the gamers in this new version. Let’s start the article.

When will Free Fire India launch?

Almost all the games are waiting for this time to know what is Free Fire India Kab Launch Hoga Date and Time? So let us tell you that initially Free Fire India was going to be launched on 5 September 2023. But later its date was extended.
The Free Fire game maker company had earlier said to launch the Free Fire game on September 5. Then the launch date of this game (Garena Free Fire India Launch Date) was changed, if sources are to be believed then the company can launch the Free Fire game on 15 or 16 September. By the way, the company had started pre-registration for Free Fire India long ago. It is expected that the company can make a lot of changes in this game, now we are providing you information about some changes in the game.
Many people say that Free Fire India can be launched between 16 September 2023 and 23 September 2023. However, Garena Free Fire India Launch Date Time has not been fully revealed yet. But there can be a very good news for you that as soon as Free Fire is launched, Free Fire India Championship Tournament will also be organized in which all players can participate.

Why was Free Fire game banned in India? 

Many people have this question in their mind that when and why was Garena Free Fire Game banned in India? So let us tell you that the Indian government, keeping in mind the privacy and security of the users of its country, had banned hundreds of Chinese apps in the year 2020. Although the Free Fire game is not made by a Chinese company, the manufacturer of this game is based in Singapore. But the Indian government also counted this game in the list of banned apps for security purposes and banned it in India.
India’s Ministry of Electronics and IT said about the ban that this ban is very important for the country. The ministry further said that all the apps banned by us can pose a threat to the security of the country, that is why all of them have been banned in the country. But now the good news for the players is that the Free Fire game has been allowed to launch again in India. The Free Fire game maker company said that soon after making some important changes in the game, the game will be launched in India.

When will it be unbanned in Free Fire India?

Before knowing the Free Fire India Launch date and time, let us know when Gerena Free Fire Unban happened? Let us tell you that Garena Free Fire game was launched in 2018. After that, due to some security reasons, it was banned in February 2022. Free Fire was very popular among gamers and many players also became Free Fire Gamers in India.
Although the main reason for the existence of the game has not been fully explained, one of the reasons was security. But now there was a lot of discussion in India about Free Fire Unban 2023, in which Garena announced that it is going to launch Free Fire India. Since then people are waiting for Gerena Free Fire release date 2023 and want to download it as soon as possible and know its new features and play.

Information provided by Free Fire India game developers

The fans of Free Fire’s India version, which was scheduled to be released in India on September 5, were once again postponed as its launch date was postponed. However, explaining the reason for this, Garena, which is the developer company of Battle Royale game, has thanked the fans of Free Fire game through its social media account and said that the response they have received from Indian gamers has been very encouraging and Keeping this in mind, they are trying to improve this game even more so that its fans can get a better experience. Although the company has not declared the date of its launch, but it is being said that it can be launched by 15th September or 16th September.
Let us tell you that Free Fire is an action/battle game which was banned in India from 14 February 2022 due to violation of IT Act 69A. Fans of Free Fire game were quite disappointed with this ban. But when after this, on August 31, Garena company announced that they are re-launching it in India under the name of Free Fire India, and that too with many new and interesting features, then its fans were filled with joy. There was no place left. And now it is absolutely natural for the wait to increase.

Free Fire India Pre-Registration How to do?

If we talk about its Free Fire India Registration, then on August 31, 2023, more than 40 million people have pre-registered on Apple Store and Google Play Store.
That means those who have pre-registered it will be able to get some rewards. Along with this, Gerena has announced that this time the name of Free Fire in India will be Free Fire India. In which the data of all Indian users will be stored in India only and the process will also be done here.
Garena company has also partnered with many startup companies having Indian data stores so that this time all the security of the users can be taken care of.

What is the reason for the delay in Free Fire India launch?

Almost everyone is waiting for the launch of Free Fire India and want to know when Free Fire India will start and when it will launch. But there is a lot of delay in launching this game, some of the reasons for which are as follows.
Garena company has announced that this time Garena wants to provide the best experience to all its users. That’s why they all are working on Privacy and Security.
This time Garena has launched many new game plays in Free Fire India and has also upgraded it. So that players can play this game even better. Therefore, Garena company wants to launch it only after checking all the upgrades in this game.
So these are two reasons due to which the launch of Free Fire is getting delayed.

How to download Free Fire India game? 

There are many people who know about the Free Fire game but they do not understand how to download this game? Due to lack of download information, some people are not able to enjoy the game. Now we are going to tell you how to download Free Fire (Download Free Fire India). By following the steps given below, you can easily download the Free Fire game.
  1. To download Free Fire Game in mobile (Download Garena Free Fire Game), first open the Play Store in your mobile.
  2. After opening Play Store, you will see the search text box above. In that box, write Garena Free Fire game and enter it.
  3. Free Fire game will open in front of you, after that you have to click on the install button.
  4. After clicking on the install button the installation will start. The game takes some time to download.
  5. After the download is complete, the Free Fire game logo will appear on your mobile.
  6. Just the Garena Free Fire game has been installed in your mobile, you can enjoy this game whenever you feel like.

Key Points of Free Fire India Game 

The biggest thing about the Free Fire India game is that the names of many big Indian sports personalities are associated with it, who are very much liked by the people. You will be happy to hear that along with former captain of the Indian cricket team and brand ambassador of free fire India game, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, there are famous people like badminton player Saina Nehwal, tennis player Leander Paes, Kabaddi player Rahul Chaudhari and Indian football team captain Sunil Chhetri. Players’ names have also been linked to Free Fire India.
All these players can be seen in a teaser released by the official YouTube channel of Free Fire India. The thinking of Garena company behind this was that with the addition of all these names, the popularity of Free Fire India game among gamers will increase even more. It is being said that, all these players can join the Free Fire India game as a character. Even before this, in the teaser released by this channel, a character named Thala was shown in the cricket ground, who had a bet in his hand. Fans consider him to be Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Time Control 

Another special thing about Free Fire India is that this game is suitable for everyone to play, be it adults or children because it cannot make them a victim of addiction like other games. The reason for this is that the free fire India game game can be played only for a limited time and after the time limit is over, the player gets a reminder which will ask him to stop the game. This will be a reminder to “Take a break”. Due to which the question of playing this game continuously does not arise. So this option is definitely going to reduce the worries of parents.

Limited Money

You know that while playing the game, money i.e. real money is spent to buy in-game currency, which is in the form of diamonds. Many times children or adults used to spend a lot of money in sports to buy these diamonds, which can now be controlled. Just as playing time is controlled in Free Fire India, similarly money can also be spent within a limit.
That means, you can buy only a certain amount of diamonds in a day. So overall in this version of Free Fire India, you will get features like parental control, time limit and privacy.
Being an Indian version, the company has developed it according to Indian players. For this, the help of Indian companies is being taken, and the server hosting and data storage of the game has also been done in India.

New features of Free Fire India Game 

  • This time Garena has taken care of all the Indian features in Free Fire India and you can also see many Indian characters in it.
  • Apart from this, Garena has added some features like Parental Control and Game Play Time, so that parents can control the playing of children’s games.
  • Along with this, this time you will see less advertisements in Free Fire India. Because often there are many advertisements in such games, due to which the players become very upset.
  • This time in Free Fire India, you will get to see Indian characters somewhere in which it is being speculated that Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Thala Collector can also be seen in it.

What changes are going to happen in Free Fire India game?

If sources are to be believed, a lot of changes can be seen in the new Garena Free Fire game. We are providing you information below about the various changes that can be seen in the game.
  • Due to the large size of the old or earlier Free Fire India game, this game used to take up a lot of space. This time the company has reduced the size of this game a lot as compared to before, so that the user can download it easily and quickly.
  • It is believed that players can also see Indian characters and Indian theme in the new Free Fire game.
  • Many events can be seen in Free Fire India, which is being launched especially for India. Different gifts will also be seen in each event.
  • The company making Free Fire game has made a lot of changes in its game play and graphics. The graphics have been improved so that players can enjoy it even more.

Free Fire India Kab Launch Hoga FAQ’s

Question 1 – When did Free Fire start in India?
Answer – Our Free Fire was first launched in 2018 and now it is going to be launched again in 2023.
Question 2 –  How to download Free Fire India?
Answer –  Pre-registration of Free Fire India was done on Google Play Store and Apple Store only, so even after its launch, you can easily download it from Google Play Store or Apple Store.
Question 3 –  What is the name of the owner of Free Fire?
Free Fire is created by Garena Company, which is owned by Forrest Li.
Question 4 –  On what date will Free Fire India be launched?
Answer –  Free Fire India can be launched in 2023 between 16th September to 23rd September 2023. Although this date and time is also not confirmed.


In today’s article we learned that when will Free Fire India be launched? Hopefully, through this medium you would have been able to get all the information related to Free Fire. If you want to get any other information related to Free Fire India, then please let us know by commenting.

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