What is X-Mania’s Free Fire MAX ID? Lifetime stats, headshots, K/D ratio, monthly income, and more

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Hemant “X-Mania” Vyas is ranked among the most accomplished Free Fire MAX content creators in the Indian community. His eponymous channel currently boasts a subscriber count of 2.17 million, and gamers regularly tune in to watch his engaging gameplay videos, pranks, and more.

Following the success of his primary channel, Hemant created a second channel, XM Live, where he streams the battle royale title. He also has more than 310k followers on Instagram.

X-Mania’s Free Fire MAX ID and other in-game details

X-Mania’s Free Fire MAX ID is 97762833. He has reached the Heroic rank in the BR-Ranked season and is placed in the Master tier in the CS-Ranked season. Here is a detailed look at his in-game stats:

BR Career stats

X-Mania has competed in 3256 solo matches and has come out undefeated 452 times, resulting in a win rate of 13.88%. He has taken out 9174 opponents with 2147 headshots, converting to a K/D ratio of 3.27 and a headshot rate of 23.40%.

X-Mania has played 3405 duo matches and has emerged victorious in 556 games, translating into a win rate of 16.32%. The YouTuber has notched 9909 frags with 2041 headshots, corresponding to a K/D ratio of 3.48 and a headshot rate of 20.60%.

The content creator has also secured 3640 Booyahs in 14122 squad matches, which adds up to a win rate of 25.77%. In the process, he has registered 42767 kills and 9713 headshots, translating into a K/D ratio of 4.08 and a headshot rate of 22.71%.

BR Ranked stats

The content creator has won two out of five solo matches this season, resulting in a win rate of 40%. He has chalked up 30 frags at a K/D ratio of 10 while also bagging eight headshots for a headshot ratio of 26.67%.

X-Mania has won three out of 15 ranked duo matches in Free Fire MAX Ranked Season 30, resulting in a win rate of 20%. With 75 eliminations and 21 headshots, he has retained a K/D ratio of 6.25 and a headshot ratio of 28%.

X-Mania has featured in 80 squad matches and has secured 18 victories, ensuring a win rate of 22.5%. He has notched 273 frags and 92 headshots with a K/D ratio of 4.40 and a headshot rate of 33.70%.

Note: X-Mania’s Free Fire MAX stats were recorded on November 4, 2022. This is subject to change as he features in more games in the battle royale title.

Monthly income

According to the stats on Social Blade, Hemant Vyas’s monthly income via his primary channel is estimated to be between $1.5K and $24.1K. Similarly, his revenue for the entire is anticipated to be around $18.1K and $289.1K.

YouTube channel


X-Mania has been uploading videos related to Free Fire on his channel since 2019 and has gained a large following within a short period. The content creator has uploaded around 350 videos that have collectively garnered 170 million views.

The channel only had a few thousand subscribers until mid-2020, but this number crossed one million by the end of the same year. The X-Mania channel recently achieved the coveted two million subscriber count milestone in August 2022.

According to Social Blade, the YouTuber gained 70k subscribers and more than 6.023 million views in the last 30 days.