What is the price of Booyah Pass Season 13 of Free Fire MAX?

Free Fire MAX: The new Booyah Pass has been released in Free Fire MAX. With the beginning of the year, January 2024 has come near. If seen, this is the 13th pass of the company and many people have liked it very much. People are not aware of the price of this pass. In this article we will know what is the price of Booyah Pass Season 13 and how many types of passes are available.

What is the price of Booyah Pass Season 13 of Free Fire MAX?

Like always, this time also the price of Booyah Pass has been kept the same. Let us tell you that there are two types of passes in Season 13. You will see the options of Premium and Premium Plus. The price of Premium Pass is 499 Diamonds and you will get Premium Plus for 999 Diamonds.

You are going to get the rewards in both the passes. Meanwhile, in Premium Plus you get the option to start a little further. There will not be much benefit in this and due to this, if you will not be able to spend more diamonds, then use the premium option only. Out of the two, the option with 499 diamonds provides more value for money.

You’ll get these rewards in the Premium Pass:

  • Level 1 – Booyah Pass Pet Choice Crate
  • Level 10 – Electro Spark Bundle
  • Level 30 – Electric Spitter Loot Crate
  • Level 40 – Jeep – Electro Bumper Skin
  • Level 50 – Electro Whisper Bundle
  • Level 70 – Electric Surge Grenade Skin
  • Level 100 – Kingfisher – Electro Enigma and 4x BP S13 Tokens
  • Level 130 – Electro Moonblade Skin
  • Level 140 – Electro Owner Backpack and 4x BP S13 Tokens
  • Level 150 – Excellent Service emote and 12x BP S13 token
  • Level 151 – BP S13 Box (reward will be repeated)

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