What is bonfire in Free Fire: Bonfire In Free Fire

What is bonfire in Free Fire: Free Fire is a popular battle royale mobile game developed and published by 111 Dots Studio and Garena. It was released in 2017 for both Android and iOS platforms. Free Fire has gained immense popularity, especially in regions like Southeast Asia, South America, and India, where it has become one of the most-played mobile games.

Free Fire, with its adrenaline-pumping battles and dynamic gameplay, is more than just a mobile game; it’s a global phenomenon that has brought together millions of players from diverse corners of the world. In the realm of battle royales, it stands out like a blazing comet, offering intense 10-minute showdowns filled with tactical cunning and strategic brilliance. What sets Free Fire apart is not just its immersive graphics and thrilling gunfights, but the sense of camaraderie it fosters among players, forging friendships in the heat of battle.

As you drop onto the island, armed with dreams and determination, you become not just a lone survivor, but a hero in the making, crafting your legend with each heart-pounding firefight. In Free Fire, every match is a unique story waiting to be written, where a well-placed shot or a cleverly laid trap can turn the tide of destiny, and where victory is earned through wit as much as firepower. It’s not just a game; it’s an epic journey where you, the player, are the star.

What is bonfire in Free Fire?

The Free Fire bonfire, among the game’s unique items like airdrops and Treasure Maps, plays a crucial role in rescuing players or teams in dire straits, particularly when their health and energy levels are running dangerously low. Discover the vital purpose of the bonfire within Free Fire and gain insights into its effective utilization.

The bonfire in Free Fire is a unique item, falling into the same category as the Treasure Map, which reveals refueling points on the map, and the Airdrop, represented by the blue box. Its primary function resembles that of a medical kit, as it can restore the health and energy of both the player and their team members, regardless of whether they are playing in Duo or Squad mode. To make use of this item effectively, you need to be in close proximity when someone deploys it somewhere on the game map.

You can acquire the bonfire as a match reward or purchase it using diamonds, Free Fire’s premium in-game currency. To use it during a match, follow these steps:

  1. Open Free Fire and tap on the “Goods” icon.
  2. Select the Bonfire and close the inventory window.
  3. Start a game in your preferred mode.
  4. After landing on the map, choose a location with minimal enemy presence.
  5. Select the bonfire from your inventory and ignite it.
  6. As you stay near the bonfire, your HP (health) and EP (energy) will gradually be replenished.

It’s wise to keep the bonfire in your inventory until a critical moment when your HP and EP are dangerously low. However, exercise caution when deploying it in an open area, as you’ll be vulnerable to enemy attacks while you’re healing. Opt for secluded spots away from active conflicts to ensure the safety of yourself and your team.

Remember that you can carry only one bonfire per game, and it can be used only once per match, so use it wisely to maximize its benefits.

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