What happens outside the play zone in Free Fire?

Like all battle royale games available on Google Play Store, Free Fire is also a game based on Play Zone. In Free Fire, zones have great importance within the game. In a classic match, a circle is formed after every 5 minutes, which keeps changing place according to the game, and the players have to come inside the circle. But some players jump to the far ends of the map to get rank pushes and good loot, and many new players don’t understand how to reach the safe zone quickly enough. So in this article we are going to tell what happens outside the play zone.

What happens outside the play zone in Free Fire?

In Free Fire, if the player is stuck outside the play zone, then the player will have to come inside the safe zone as soon as possible after taking some damage. In such a situation, it is important for the player to have a medikit, which can be used to increase HP after damage. Actually, the play zone gives less damage to the player, if it is the last zone then the player can easily die outside, hence stay inside the safe zone as much as possible.

Free Fire is a famous battle royale game, in which zones decrease every minute. So the most important thing is that the player should fight with the enemies only by staying in the safe zone.

Some important tips to enter from outside the zone in Free Fire

Players can easily enter the zone by using the tips given below.

#1 – Find the vehicle

In Free Fire, vehicles are available at many places in the classic map, using which you can easily and quickly reach the safe zone. Apart from this, there are many features in Free Fire to enter from outside the zone, which will be visible to the players on the field.

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