What are the rewards given at which level in Booyah Pass of Free Fire MAX?

Free Fire MAX: Tales of Ponds Pass has been released in Free Fire MAX. This is the Booyah Pass of Season 15 and fans are looking excited for it. You get rewards by continuously leveling up. Developers always succeed in drawing people’s attention to the Premium Pass by releasing new rewards. We have told people about the rewards but they have not received information about the level. In this article we will know what rewards are going to be given at which level.

What rewards are given at which level in Free Fire MAX?

The pass is going to remain in Free Fire MAX for the next 30 days. In such a situation, you can buy it now and get great rewards while doing missions. Below you can find information about levels and rewards:

All main free rewards and their levels

  • Level 10: Skiboard – Ribbit Rip Skin
  • Level 20: Tales of Puddles Banner
  • Level 50: Tales of Puddles Avatar
  • Level 70: Ribbit Hoodie
  • Level 80: Grenade – Ribbit Rain Skin
  • Level 100: 5x Gold Royal Voucher

All the main rewards in the Premium Pass and their levels

  • Level 1: Ribbit Fairytale Bundle + 4x Emote Slots + Elimination Announcement Icon + Gold Profile Badge
  • Level 10: Booyah Pass Pet Choice Crate
  • Level 20: Tuk Tuk – Ribbit Vacation Skin
  • Level 30: Skiboard – Ribbit Rip Skin
  • Level 40: Loot Box – Ribbit Peace Skin
  • Level 50: MAC10 – Ribbit Rain Skin
  • Level 60: Pan – Ribbit Rain Skin
  • Level 70: Backpack – The Ribbit Song
  • Level 90: Ribbit Rider (emote)
  • Level 100: Ribbit Fable Bundle + Cube Fragment + 20% discount
  • Level 101 and up: BP S15 Crate

Make sure you keep leveling up and get everything before the pass ends.

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