Using Unlimited Diamonds mods in Free Fire may result in permanent account ban

Diamonds have great importance in Free Fire. The price of diamonds is very high in the game. Due to this, not every player is able to buy diamonds. In such a situation, players try to get diamonds in wrong ways by leaving better options to get free diamonds. Also try to use mod apps of Free Fire.

What is Free Fire Unlimited Diamonds Mod APK?

The fake Free Fire version of Unlimited Diamond Generator is actually viral in many places. It is said that you can get countless diamonds with the help of these apps. Despite this all the claims remain fake as these mods never work. The great thing is that Free Fire is actually a server based game.

All the data related to the game goes to the server. In such a situation, the number of diamonds present in your account also remains on the server. Even if you download such apps, there will be no change in the server. You will definitely get to see countless numbers of diamonds inside the game, but those diamonds cannot be useful under any circumstances.

Is Unlimited Diamonds mode legal?

Garena Free Fire has given information about this in its policy and this kind of action is counted as cheating. According to them, if someone uses mod versions, which work in any situation but if you use them then the account will be banned forever.

If you are caught cheating then you will not be able to play Free Fire forever. Using the mod is not legal.


If seen, Unlimited Diamonds mode does not work under any circumstances. Despite this, if you try to use mods then your Garena account will be banned forever.

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