Top rarest Free Fire Bundle like Criminal Bundle

Free Fire entices its players with an array of stunning attire bundled together as outfits. These bundles can be acquired through various means, including elite passes, events, and other gameplay modes.

Among the remarkable bundles within Free Fire, the Criminal Bundle stands out as one of the rarest. It was introduced by Garena during the exclusive Raider Spin Event. The Criminal bundle boasts a collection of five distinct outfits, each adorned in captivating colors and designs.

This article delves into the world of rare bundles in Free Fire, with a particular focus on coveted collections like the Criminal Bundle.

Top rarest Free Fire Bundle like Criminal Bundle

1) Galactic Spaceboogy Bundle:

On par with the rarity of the Criminal Bundle, the Galactic Spaceboogy Bundle is a prized acquisition in Free Fire. To obtain this bundle, players have the option of purchasing the elite pass. In Free Fire, there exist two categories of passes: the Elite Pass, priced at 499 diamonds, and the Elite Bundle, available for 999 diamonds.

The Galactic Spaceboogy Bundle includes a curated selection of items, which comprises:

  • Galactic Spaceboogy Top
  • Galactic Spaceboogy Bottom
  • Galactic Spaceboogy Shoes
  • Galactic Spaceboogy Mask

2) Star of the New Year Bundle:

Within the realm of Free Fire, the Star of the New Year Bundle emerges as a vibrant and visually striking ensemble. Adorned in a brilliant shade of green, this bundle features a captivating array of animated stars scattered across its surface. To acquire this eye-catching bundle, players can obtain it for a cost of 899 diamonds.

The bundle encompasses an enticing selection of items, which includes:

  • Star of the New Year Mask
  • Star of the New Year Top
  • Star of the New Year Bottom
  • Star of the New Year Shoes

3) Winter Ironthrasher Bundle:

In the year 2023, players had the opportunity to access the Winter Ironthrasher Bundle, marking the third enticing bundle in Free Fire’s collection. These chic outfits can be acquired through participation in the in-game Faded Wheel event. The outfits within this bundle sport a frosty and striking appearance that is sure to catch the eye.

Within this bundle, players can find the following items:

  • Winter Ironthrasher Top
  • Winter Ironthrasher Bottom
  • Winter Ironthrasher Shoes
  • Winter Ironthrasher Mask
  • Winter Ironthrasher Hair

4) Heatbound Dunes Bundle:

Among the bundles available in Free Fire, the Heatbound Dunes Bundle is notably one of the most accessible to acquire. This bundle is readily obtainable through the Gold Royale event featured in the in-game store. Players have the option to participate in the event with a single spin, which costs 300 gold coins, or they can opt for 11 spins for a total of 3000 gold coins.

Inside the Heatbound Dunes Bundle, you will discover the following items:

  • Heatbound Dunes Top
  • Heatbound Dunes Bottom
  • Heatbound Dunes Shoes
  • Heatbound Dunes Mask

5) Street Boy Bundle:

The Street Boy Bundle stands out as one of the most coveted collections in Free Fire. Available for purchase in the in-game store, players can acquire this bundle for a price of 1499 diamonds. Notably, this bundle is distinguished by its unique feature, with 3D animations incorporated into its footwear.

The Street Boy Bundle includes the following items:

  • Street Boy Top
  • Street Boy Bottom
  • Street Boy Shoes
  • Street Boy Mask
  • Street Boy Head

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