Top 5 Emotes In Free Fire MAX After OB35 Update, Who Will Win Even In Tough Matches

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The OB35 update has arrived in Free Fire MAX. After this update, if you proceed in the game by using the emote given below, then you will get victory even in the toughest match. Let us tell you about these 5 emotes.

Whenever a new update arrives in Free Fire MAX, gamers are left wondering which item to use in which category. With every new update, there are many changes in this game and changes are also made in the adjustments. According to those adjustments, gamers have to choose characters, pets, bundles and emotes to make the most of them while gaming.

Free Fire Max recently got a new OB35 update. Even after this update, a lot of changes have been made in the game. Let us tell you which emotes you should use after the new update in this game.

Flower Of Love

Flowers Of Love emotes were released as Valentine’s Day Top Up of the year 2019. With the help of this emote, the character takes a rose flower and makes a promotional gesture. Players have to spend 500 diamonds to get it in Free Fire Max. Considering its price, its sight is rare. You can also find this emote in Free Fire Max.

Eat My Dust

It’s a sort of legendary emote, which is found in both Free Fire and Free Fire MAX. With the help of this emote, the game character starts dancing on top of a golden sports car. This emote was launched in the year 2020 at the Grafitti Top Up event. Since this emote was available through top up, very few players got this emote. Now this emote can also be found in Free Fire Max.

FFWC Throne

FFWC Throne is one of the oldest emotes in Free Fire MAX, having been added to the game in March 2019. This emote has been added to the game during the Free Fire World Cup. Like the other emotes on the list, this one too has been a part of the top-up event and was being given away as a reward for the top-up of 300 diamonds.


The real fun of playing Free Fire Max comes when you finally get the Booyah emote. This is the reason why the craze of this emote is in the players. When a player uses this emote, a golden aura appears on it and a golden BOOYA Happears on his head .

I’m Rich

This is a great emote. I’m Rich, Power of Money, and Make it Rain are some of the emotes inspired by the popular Spanish series Money Heist. I’m Rich copying a scene from the same series. This in-game character keeps cash on a pile and showers cash.