This Gun Of Free Fire MAX Gives Tremendous Damage, Will Eliminate The Enemy

Many guns are available in Free Fire MAX. These guns give more damage and can kill the enemy easily.

Story Highlights

  • In Free Fire MAX, you can buy guns from the in-game store.
  • Players need diamonds to buy guns.
  • These guns give more damage.

Players get many weapons in Free Fire MAX. By using these gems you can progress far in the game. Every gun has different power. Players should select the gun based on their needs and strategy. Only by selecting the right gun will they be able to easily push up the ranks in the game. Many guns have very good reload speed while some guns give excellent damage, which makes it easier to kill the enemies. Today we will tell you the best gun that gives tremendous damage.

Best Guns of Free Fire MAX


This is the best gun in terms of damage. Its base damage is 100 and it has 2 bullets in the magazine. M1887 gun is a good option to win close range fights. Players must use it.


The damage of this gun of Free Fire Max is 97. It holds a total of 5 bullets. With the help of this gun, the player can kill the duo in just a few shots. This gun can destroy the entire team. This gun is good for giving more damage.


Free Fire Max ‘s gun AWM is one of the best guns in the popular battle royale game. Its damage is 90. There are five bullets in its magazine. Players can add silencers to it. In long range fight, this gun kills the enemy with just one or two shots.


The damage of this gun is 94, which is quite good. The magazine of this gun holds a total of 6 bullets. Players can use this to win in close range fights. The special thing is that the reload of this gun is also very less.


The last name in the list is KAR98K. Its damage is 90. It holds a total of five bullets. This gun is also fitted with an 8x scope. Along with this, the range of the gun is 84. This gun can also be used for long range fight. All these guns give excellent damage and help you move forward by killing the enemy.

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