This close range gun of Free Fire which no one can face, know about it

Free Fire MAX: Guns have great importance in Free Fire MAX. Good loot is necessary to perform better during fights, but if the gun is not right, then you may have to suffer a lot of damage. Many people are not aware of good guns for close range and most of the fighting takes place at close range. Therefore, in this article we will know which are the 3 best guns in close range.

3 most powerful close range guns that players can use in Free Fire MAX

1- MP5

The MP5 is a tremendous submachine gun. The rate of fire of this gun is very high and the recoil is low. Due to this it becomes easy to control. Its rate of fire is quite good and overall you benefit tremendously. This gun is good for close range.

2- M1014

When it comes to shotguns, M1014 comes first. The damage of this gun is quite high and you get 6 bullets to fire. At close range, you can easily kill one or two players with the perfect shot of this gun. If your companions also have this gun in close range, then it will be difficult to stop you.

3- MP40

Many people use MP40 shotgun in Free Fire MAX. With the help of this gun you can destroy your opponents in one spray. The rate of fire of this gun is good and due to this it will be beneficial in close range. The damage of the gun is also good and the reload speed is also low.

(Note: In this article, the author has given his opinion regarding guns. Everyone’s choice may be slightly different in this matter.)

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