These Top 5 Emotes may disappear from the game after Free Fire OB32 Update, know their special things

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In Free Fire, emotes are very special for all players. With each update, some of the old Free Fire emotes are removed by the developers and some new emotes are added to the game. Free Fire OB32 update is going to be released soon. Let us tell you about some such emotes, which may be removed from the in-game store after the new update. 

One-Finger Pushup

Description: ‘Do not copy me.

Animation: Through this emote in Free Fire, the character does push-ups with the induction finger of the right hand. This is a very popular emotes, and players can buy it before the upcoming update arrives. 

Price: 399 Diamonds

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Death glare

Description: ‘Look me in the eyes. I dare you.’

Animation: With the help of this emote, the character jumps from the back and stands again. The character is able to do many athlete work in this manner with the help of this emote.

Price: 399 Diamonds

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Description: ‘You tryna’ steal my loot while making me laugh.’

Animation: Through this Free Fire Emote , the character shakes his head vigorously with one hand on his stomach and the other hand in the air and acts to tease his opponents.

Price: 399 Diamonds

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Description: ‘Pow! Pow! Bam!’

Animation: This emote is a fan of martial arts so with its help the character does some amazing actions using nunchucks.

Price: 399 Diamonds

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Description: ‘Let’s get some energy going.’

Animation: With the help of this emote, the character performs the moves of the famous folk dance Bhangra of Punjab.

Price: 399 Diamonds

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