These Submachine Guns Of Garena Free Fire Are The Best, Will Help You Win

Many submachine guns are available in Garena Free Fire MAX. With their help it becomes easier to win the game. Some SMG players like it a lot.

Story Highlights

  • Many types of submachine guns are available in Garena Free Fire MAX.
  • You can win the fight by using SMG.
  • Every machine gun has a different power.

Many weapons are available in Garena Free Fire . Players can select guns with different powers depending on their gameplay. All machine guns (SMG) are available in Free Fire Max. They are much liked for close range fighting. Due to many options, players are often not able to select a good gun. To help them, today here in this article we have told the best SMG of Free Fire Max. Come, let us know.

Best Submachine Gun (SMG) of Garena Free Fire


Thompson is well liked. It is considered quite good in terms of stability. However, the range of this gum is not that good. With this gun you can give more damage to your enemies. Its damage is good. For this reason, it can be liked a lot for close range also.


Vector is also included in the list of best machine guns of Free Fire Max. Using two vector guns together is always an advantage for the player. The accuracy and rate of fire of this gun is very good. Although its magazine size may disappoint you, it is a good cover to win the rate of fire.


The name of MP5 is also included in the best submachine gun (SMG) of Free Fire Max. It is also counted among the best guns. It is used more for close range fighting. This helps a lot in winning. Both its movement speed and rate of fire are amazing.


UMP in Garena Free Fire MAX is known for its good movement and reload speed. It is better than many SMGs in both of these respects. Players mostly like to use it in close range fights. Its damage rate is higher than many guns.

All these submachine guns help players to win in some way or the other. Gamers should always select guns based on their gameplay and strategy. Only then will players be able to use the power of that gun properly.

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