These 5 great Pets of Free Fire help in winning the game, know what are their specialties

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Characters and pets in Free Fire come with different abilities. These have a different impact on the gameplay of the players. Gamers can buy several cool characters from the in-game shop by spending Diamonds and Gold. At the same time, players have to spend only premium in-game currency to buy Pet.

Along with the updates, many new characters and pets are added to the game, the latest being Yeti and Nairi. Here are 5 cool pets of this battle role game, which together with the passive characters make awesome combinations and help the players to win the game.




Mr.Waggor always comes up in the list of Best Pets of Free Fire. It is available with the ability to create Gloo Walls. Smooth Gloo Creates 1 Gloo Wall in 120 seconds . A glue wall is a useful item that helps the player win the game. This stomach could have been quite impressive in the previous battle royale mode. In addition Mr. Waggor is also one of the most loved pats within the game.



It ‘s best for Free Fire players to have at least one Falco team in Battle Royale mode. Players with the Falco can reach the ground with a 15% increase in gliding speed and a 25% increase in gliding speed when the parachute is opened. Landing early is good for the players. However, it is not necessary for all players to have it. In Clash Squad mode they can avoid it completely.


Detective Panda

Coming with the ability to recover the player’s health, this pet is very popular among players. It improves the performance of the players. Users get 4 HP on every kill. At maximum level, it gives up to 10 HP. If you have characters like Jota, that gives HP back. Together with them this stomach helps in winning the match.


Dr. Beanie

Dr. The Beanies Dashy Duckwalk typically increases the movement speed of players by up to 30 percent. This is very useful when players want to kill their opponents in a house or compound. This allows users to quickly approach and annihilate their enemies. It can also be used to move around quickly while crouching so that opponents are not aware of the location.



Beeston significantly increases the throwing distance. This applies to grenades, glue walls, flashbangs and smoke grenades, and the distance is increased by 10% at base level. With this, users will be able to apply glue walls even further and throw grenades at a longer distance. Plus it increases the distance at max level by 30%.

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