The 5 Most Special and Powerful Female Characters in Free Fire Max

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There are many characters in Garena Free FireMax and these characters have different strengths. There are some male and female characters in the game. There are some female characters that you will get a lot of benefit by using them. That’s why in this article we will talk about 5 awesome female characters. 

List of 5 most special female characters in Free Fire Max

5) Clu 

The power of the Clu character named Tracing Steps. Because of this, you are able to trace the opponent of Maud within 70 meters. Its effect lasts for few seconds. You will get a lot of advantage in ranked matches.

4) Laura 

The Laura character in Free Fire has a power called Sharp Shooter. With its help, whenever you use sniper, marksman rifles or assault rifles, your targets will get better. There is a big improvement in accuracy.

3) Moco 

With the help of the Moco character, you can find out from which side the shot is coming at you. You and your teammates see the place of that player for some time. Also there is a slight improvement in the damage.

2) Olivia 

The Olivia character has a power called Healing Touch. With the help of this, you player gets 80 HP when he revives. You will get benefit from this in squad mode.

1) Hayne

The Xayne character has become very powerful after the new update of Free Fire. This character greatly increases damage against glue walls and shields. Plus you get HP for some time. If you are an aggressive player then you will get a lot of advantage with this character.

Note: The author has given his opinion in this article. Everyone’s choice can be different regarding the characters.