The 5 Best Pet Skins Under Free Fire in 2022

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The skin is the most important part in Free Fire. Like characters, pets, gun skins, and vehicles etc. Using skins on all of these items can make you aggressive and affect players on the field.


Pets are an important part of the game in Free Fire, and using skins on them adds a lot of appeal to the field. Free Fire is an active battle royale game. There are a variety of pet skins available in-game, and many new players are unaware of these skins. So, in this article, we are going to tell you about the 5 best belly skin.


The 5 Best Pet Skins Under Free Fire in 2021

#1 – Apocalypse Fox

Spirit Fox’s skin is very attractive in Free Fire. The skin was launched during the Azure Dragon top-up event from 23 June 2021 to 3 July 2021. Apocalypse players could claim 100 diamonds from the top-up event.

Note: You can get Fox’s skin with Diamonds currency from the top-up event.

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#2 – Gamer Moony

Moony Pet was included in-game a while back in Free Fire. This pet was first spotted at the Moony top-up event. Shortly thereafter the developers of Free Fire released a special skin of Moony Pet in the Gamer Moony store section. You can buy this pet for 699 diamonds.

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# 3 – Zapping Dreki

Dreki in Free Fire was included during the OB27 update. Shortly after that, Dreki’s very unique skin was released.

Dreki’s skin was brought to 699 diamonds from the Store section in Free Fire.

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#4 – Beaston Glacier

The Beaston in Free Fire is a powerful belly. Some time ago the Glacier Beaston skin was launched inside the game. Professional streamers bought this skin as soon as they heard the name Glacier.

Glacier Beaston’s skin was brought to 699 diamonds from the store section in Free Fire.

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# 5 – Galaxy Dreki

This is the second unique skin of Dreki Pet in Free Fire, which is loved by a lot of players. Galaxy Dreki was brought to the in-game store section a while back. The cost of this skin was 699 diamonds in the store section.

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