SVD gun in Free Fire, Small and Big information About SVD gun In Free Fire

Free Fire provides many weapons to the players, using which all players can perform well in the Battle Royale mode. In-game, most players use AR, SMGs and Shotguns. Because these are the guns that cause the most damage.

But in this article, we are going to look at every possible information about the SVD gun available in Free Fire.

Every important information left about SVD gun available in Free Fire

SVD gun is one of the most famous guns in Free Fire. Players cannot easily obtain this gun in the Classic map. The SVD gun can be obtained by the player only through airdrop. The animation of this gun is like AR. According to the official website, the stats of SVD are available below.


Damage – 89

Rate of Fire – 35

Range – 80

Reload Speed ​​- 41

Magazine – 10

Accuracy – 51

Movement Speed ​​- 62

Armor – 67

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According to the official website, this information is available about this gun. SVD is a sniper gun, used for long range:

The SVD is a sniper rifle gun obtained in an airdrop, which the player can knock out an enemy with a single headshot.

After seeing the stats all players can get this gun as a sniper, this gun has higher fire rate as compared to AR. Actually, according to the official website, this gun has been kept in the category of AR.

Players need all the attachments to operate the SVD gun. A 4X scope is already fixed inside this gun. Players can easily use this gun for close range and long range.

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