Srikanta’s Free Fire MAX ID, stats, guild, rank, monthly income, and more

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Srikanta is one of the many popular YouTube channels in the Indian Free Fire MAX community, catering to the fans of the popular game. The channel’s primary content revolves around upcoming changes and features in the game to provide a detailed explanation and insight into both.

Srikanta’s eponymous channel has surpassed 620k subscribers and continues to grow. However, the YouTuber has close to 1800 followers on his Instagram account.

Srikanta’s Free Fire MAX ID, stats, K/D ratio, and other details

Srikanta’s Free Fire MAX ID is 133752471. He acquired Heroic in the BR-Ranked Season 32 while going to Grandmaster in the CS-Ranked Season 17. The YouTuber is also the leader of the UN-ENTITY guild in the battle royale title, whose ID is 67653653.

His stats in Free Fire MAX as of March 12, 2023, are as follows:

BR Career stats

Srikanta has completed 2217 solo matches in the battle royale title and has defeated the opponents 518 times to achieve a win rate of 23.36%. He has accumulated 6145 kills to score a K/D ratio of 3.62.

The YouTuber has 923 victories to his name in the 3418 duo matches, which gives rise to a win rate of 27%. He averages a K/D ratio of 3.30 while boasting 8227 kills to his name.

Srikanta has featured in 7163 squad games and dominated the opponents in 2246 games to register a win rate of 31.35%. He has accumulated 23164 eliminations, accruing a K/D ratio of 4.71.

BR Ranked stats

The content creator has played one solo game and maintained a 100%-win rate. Simultaneously, he has taken down 19 opponents, which equals a K/D ratio of 19.

Srikanta has been a part of two duo encounters while failing to secure a single victory in these games. However, he has found nine eliminations, contributing to an overall K/D ratio of 4.50.

Finally, the Indian star has 42 Booyahs in 74 squad games, with a win rate of 56.75%. He has stacked up 269 frags, boils down to a high K/D ratio of 8.41.

Note: The content creator’s Free Fire MAX stats were recorded while writing the article. The numbers will change as the YouTuber features more games in the battle royale title.

His monthly income

Per the Social Blade estimates, Srikanta’s channel makes between $93 and $1.5K monthly. When extended to the entire year, the forecast will likely range from $1.1K to $18K.

His YouTube channel details

Srikanta is not a new name in the Indian Free Fire community and has been actively churning out game-related content for a few years. The channel holds more than 700 videos and has contributed to his massive following and a combined 85 million views.

In early 2020, the channel had less than 100k subscribers, but by mid-2021, this number had surpassed 600k. As per Social Blade, the YouTuber has gained 373.994k views in the last 30 days but failed to gain any subscribers.