Special tips for new gamers in Free Fire MAX, follow these 5 tricks to stay alive till the last

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If new gamers want to survive till the last in Free Fire MAX, then they must keep in mind these five tips we have mentioned in this article.


Every gamer who plays Free Fire MAX tries to protect himself till the last but most of it doesn’t happen. Especially if the gamer is new, then the enemies find him somewhere and kill him and he is out of the game. Let us tell you some such tips, by which you will be able to live longer in Free Fire Max.


always stay away from enemies

The first thing any new gamer should do after landing on the map is to collect weapons so that you can attack enemies when needed. Apart from this, gamers should always try to stay away from enemies. If you’re a new gamer to Free Fire MAX, you obviously won’t have the experience. In such a situation, it is beneficial for you to stay away from enemies. If you stay close enough, enemies can shoot you before they can attack.

run in zig-zag motion

If you are running on the map, and enemies start shooting from behind, you should never run straight to avoid them. You should always run in zig-zag lines so that the bullets of the enemies do not hit your head. If the enemy hits an accurate headshot, your character will die and you will be out of the game.

lie down on the ground

If the enemy is very close to you, then lie down for some time on the ground in the middle of the grass and keep an eye on the position of the enemies. You always have to keep in mind that no one attacks you from close range and cannot hit the headshot. This can cause more damage to your character, but he will not die.

Click on Medkits

After landing on the map, you should try to keep at least two medkits with you. This will help you in trouble. If you get damaged more than two or three times, then you will be able to get fit again by treating yourself and will be able to survive in the game for a long time.

Keep increasing health points

Players must always keep an eye on their HP to stay alive till the end. If your health point has come close to 100, then instead of killing enemies, you use medkit to hide somewhere so that your health points are above 150 and do the same again below 100. This way you’ll have a lot more HP by the end of the game and your chances of staying alive until the end of the game will increase.