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Special Airdrop Free Fire max: Today, Free Fire Max is not only India’s but the world’s most popular online shooting battle royale game. This game is played every day by millions of people on Android and iOS devices. At present, more than 100 million people have downloaded the Free Fire Max game. To entertain these players, the developers of the Free Fire game keep introducing new cosmetic items for the players every day.

In this game, players are given items like Character, Gun Skins, Bundles, Pets, Costum, Room, Glue Wall etc. for good game performance. But there are many Free Fire players who are not able to buy all these items due to lack of diamonds. In this case, many Free Fire players think that if we had Kas Diamond, we could have easily bought all these items.

Keeping this in view, the game developers of Free Fire Max give Special Airdrop to the players for 24 hours. So that player can get the items of Free Fire Max game by purchasing this Special Airdrop. If you read this article completely in detail, then in this article we have given you complete information about how to take Special Airdrop for 24 hours. So let us first  know about what  Special Airdrop is.

What is special airdrop? 

Special Airdrop is a special box [Special Box] in the lobby of the Free Fire Max game   which is given to the players as a promotional item. These can appear to Free Fire Max players after any game. You have 24 hours to buy this Special Airdrop.
These special airdrops are given randomly to all players. If you receive one special airdrop, the next special airdrop will not be the same airdrop. It appears at the bottom right of the special airdrop screen inside the Free Fire Max game (as shown in the image below).
You can buy this special airdrop through AppStore or GooglePlay. You can see these special eyedrops in the game in some ways like Rs10, Rs30, Rs90, Rs290, Rs349, Rs400, Rs549, Rs600, Rs890, Rs990. Let us now know about the special airdrop.

How to get special airdrop in Free Fire? 

If you are a new Free Fire Max player and you want to get Special Airdrop, then you have to play about 10 to 15 Solo Matches of Free Fire, after that you have to make a Game Friend in your game. After this you have to play the game with those game friends in 5 to 10 squads. By doing this you will get a special airdrop for 24 hours. Now you must be wondering how to purchase this Airdrop after getting the Special Airdrop, so let us know step by step.
  • First of all, open Free Fire Max Game in the phone.
  • The lobby of Free Fire Max Game will appear in front of you.
  • Special Airdrop will appear on the right side of the lobby. Click on it.
  • Now you have to pay for Airdrop in Free Fire Max.
  • Now as soon as Payment Successful is written in the Free Fire Max game, it will appear.
  • Now Airdrop Purchase is done in Free Fire Max Game.
  • Now you can easily use AirDrop.

How to get special airdrop of Rs 10 in Free Fire? 

If you want to get a special airdrop of ₹ 10 in Free Fire Max game, then for that you will have to play at least 10 to 15 matches without dress with Adam character in Free Fire Max, after that you can play 5 to 10 matches without gun skins. Play the game, after this you will see that a special airdrop of ₹ 10 has come in your ID. If you have a new ID of the Free Fire Max game, then you can easily get an airdrop of ₹ 10 in your Free Fire Max ID, for this you have to take the new ID to at least level 10, after that your Free Fire Only ₹ 10 rupees will be deposited in the ID very easily.

How much does Special Airdrop cost in Free Fire Max game?

Most of the special airdrops in Free Fire Max game come for Rs 10 or ₹ 29 only. In this special airdrop you get either 100 diamonds or 300 diamonds. Along with this diamond, you get Bundles, Gun Carats or character.
In this way you have come to know how to take Special Airdrop in Free Fire Max game. Now let us give you some more information about this Free Fire Max game, this information can prove useful for you because if you are a young player and want to know about this Garena Free Fire Max, then come to Garena Free. Know about Fire Max.

What is Garena Free Fire Max game?

In simple words, Garena Free Fire Max is an action based online thrilling game which you can play online. This is an online thrilling game, so through this game you can also talk to every player playing the game and with the help of this game, you can also get rid of your pressure and stress and you all will feel refreshed by playing this game. You can feel it and also entertain yourself easily.

Who owns the Garena Free Fire Max game? 

The name of the owner of Free Fire game is Forrest Li. Who is the founder of Garena Company. He started his first business from Singapore and this company had made many top popular games even before Free Fire game, but he made Free Fire game which became the most popular game.

Garena Free Fire Max is the game of which country? 

Free Fire game is from Singapore, which is created by Singapore company Garena. This company is a company that makes Android and iOS games. Free Fire game was launched on 30 September 2017 by Garena Company of Singapore. And people also know this game by the name of Garena Free Fire game.
Free Fire game is online multiplayer video game. Which became the world’s most downloaded game in 2019. Garena, the company making this game, was started in 2009, since then this company has been making many video games.

When is Garena Free Fire Max launched? 

Garena Free Fire game is created by 111dots Studio and launched by FOREST LI Garena International Pvt. Ltd. on 4 December 2017.
 Note- Free Fire has been officially banned by the Indian government, due to which players consider it appropriate to play the Max version.


Q –  What is Special Airdrop in Free Fire?
Ans – Special Airdrop is a special box  in the lobby of the Free Fire Max game   which is given to the players as a promotional item.
Q –  How to get Special Airdrop in Free Fire  ?
Ans –  For Free Fire Max Game Special Airdrop Lane, read the above article in detail. 
Q –  Should I take Special Airdrop in Free Fire game?
Ans –  Yes, you can get special airdrop by adopting the methods mentioned in this article .
Q –  What is Free Fire Max?
Ans –  Free Fire Max is a standalone application that provides users with the same old Free Fire gameplay experience. 
Q –  What is the difference between Free Fire MAX and Free Fire?
Ans –  Free Fire MAX is an upgraded version of the old Free Fire, but it is similar in gameplay to the old Free Fire. However, it includes more advanced effects, animations and graphics than the old Free Fire. And it also includes Craftland, a new lobby which will provide a special experience to the players.
Q –  Can I get Unlimited Diamonds in Free Fire?
Ans – No, you cannot get unlimited diamonds in Free Fire Max. If you want to get Unlimited Diamonds then you will have to read this article carefully.


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