Small and big information about Mystery Shop in Free Fire

Free Fire is a battle royale game played all over the world, which is played by most of the people on mobile and PC. The developers of Free Fire keep adding some features every season to impress people, and there are many ways to get them.

Like every time in Free Fire, this time also an event has been added inside the game for all the players, with the help of which people can buy items at a lower price.

This Mystery Shop has been added to the game for the 12th time, offering discounts on great items. Indian players will soon start using this event from the Europe server. Well, in this article we are going to tell you step-by-step the big and small information about Mystery Shop in Free Fire.

Special information about Mystery Shop in Free Fire

As mentioned above, Indian players will start using this event very soon. Because this event is currently useful only for limited servers. There is also a Luck Royale tab in the Mystery Shop event, where players can avail 90% discount on all items in this event.

Here are some important requirements:

switch function

  • The player can change the price using the switch button, and select another price.
  • You can switch back and forth to see the item price.
  • When the item is selected it automatically switches to the other price.


  • Grand prize is unlocked for purchasing normal items.
  • When the grand prize is full of items, the player can easily purchase the items.

This is a golden opportunity for all the people, where the player can buy good items like characters, skins, pets for less diamonds.

There are two bundles available in this event, Breakbone Sheriff Bundle and Brokebone Deputy Bundle, both have different prices.

All players can use this event to get discounted items, this opportunity is great for players.

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