Should players use GFX tools in Free Fire?

Many players struggle with low FPS and frame drops in Free Fire MAX. Players always face problems with this and it also has a bad effect on the gameplay. Many people are busy trying to fix the problem. Many people use third party apps for this reason. Some try to smooth out the game by using GFX tools.

You should not use any such app. Actually this is against the Anti-Hack Policy of Free Fire MAX. Using this may result in account ban.

Should players use GFX tools in Free Fire MAX?

The GFX tool in Free Fire MAX is actually a third-party app and it claims to smooth out the game. In many videos on the internet it is said that with this the game runs well and there is no problem. However, it is not the case that such apps actually change the files of Free Fire MAX.

Garena has a very dangerous policy against third party apps. You may not use tools of any kind, including hacks, cheats, scripts and mods, to gain an unofficial advantage against an opponent. For this reason, using GFX is full of danger and your account may be banned.

Many players’ accounts get banned every month. According to the developers of Free Fire, using any third party app is wrong and can lead to the account being banned forever.

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