How To Get New Ryden Character In Garena Free Fire MAX, You Just Have To Do This Work

Garena Free Fire MAX OB34 Update has been released. It can be installed from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The update adds new characters and more to the game.

Story Highlights

  • A new character has arrived in Garena Free Fire MAX.
  • Can be purchased from the in-game store through gold.
  • It can also be obtained as a reward by completing some tasks.

New features have come in the game with Garena Free Fire MAX OB34 Update. Additionally, a new character Ryden has also been added to the game. Apart from this, the power of weapons and vehicles has also been increased. After a long wait, OB34 Update has now been released. The update has been released for both Android and iOS devices. This character has been brought with many powerful features. Its power will help the players to win. You can get it in two ways. Come, here are the characteristics of the character and how to get it.

New character of Garena Free Fire MAX

According to Garena, the developer of the popular battle royale game, Ryden is 16 years old. The power of this character can help players to get more and more Booyah.

Raiden, the new character of Free Fire Max, has the Spider Trap skill. With the help of this skill, he releases an explosive spider, which catches the enemy first. It also slows down the enemy’s speed and removes 10 HP per second for three seconds.

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Keep in mind that the effect of the skill lasts for 30 seconds and the Spider Trap skill has a cooldown of 75 seconds.

How to get character?

Unlike other characters found in the game, he can be purchased from the in-game store through Free Fire Gold. Apart from this, it can also be achieved by completing the specific tasks given in the stipulated time.

How to unlock

To unlock the character, go to the in-game events section. After this click on Game Updates. Here you will see a “Free New Character” section, in which you will be asked to complete some tasks before January 30, 2024.

Players will get the Ryden character for seven days if they play 16 matches in BR, CS, or LW modes. It will be unlocked after playing 40 matches.

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