RUOK FF’s Free Fire ID, stats, K/D ratio and other information

RUOK FF is the world’s most famous Free Fire content creator. In this article, we are going to talk about his Free Fire ID, stats, K/D ratio and other things.

RUOK FF’s Free Fire ID

RUOK FF’s Free Fire ID is 261109577 and his in-game name is IMPACT999 PS. He is also a member of the PERFECTSHOT guild.

RUOK FF stats

career stats

RUOK FF has played 6259 squad games and out of these they have won 2600. He has made a total of 30412 kills and his K/D ratio is 8.31.

Apart from this, he has played 2434 duo matches and won 983 of them. He has made 11993 kills so far and his K/D ratio has been 8.27. In solo, he has played 1633 games and out of these he has won 502.

rank stats

This season, RUOK FF has played only squad and duo matches. This player has played 443 squad matches and out of these he has won 315 matches. His K/D ratio is 15.48.

RUOK FF has won 140 out of 224 matches played in the duo. During this period his K/D ratio was 14.37.

his youtube channel

RUOK FF started its YouTube journey in January 2019. Till now he has 2.23 million subscribers and has achieved 114 million views. Also he has uploaded 51 videos on his channel. You can watch his YouTube channel by clicking here

their social media accounts

RUOK FF is active on his Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Click here to visit RUOK FF’s Instagram account.

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