How To Recover guest account in Free Fire: Guest account Recover 2023

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How To Recover guest account in Free Fire Hello Survivors, Today’s topic is going to be so special because if you want to get your account back in free fire and if you are not getting its solution then in today’s post we will show you how to get your guest id in free fire. To recover means that you can bring it back, will give complete information about it, so that you will get an idea of ​​what you have to do next.

What is a guest account in Free Fire?


As you all know free fire is a very unique and battle royale game which is played a lot in our India, although it is played in many countries along with our India but in our India as compared to other countries. played a lot.

When you   install free fire in your mobile for the first time, then you make a very big mistake, which causes you a lot of trouble ahead, friends, when you create an id in your mobile for the first time in this game, then you  You log in with the guest account , due to which your ID gets logged out and you keep looking for your ID.

There are many ways to create an ID in Free Fire, but not every player knows this method and they make this guest account mistake, due to which their ID is closed, by the way friends, if you see the Free Fire ID on your  Facebook account, Gmail account  and now after the update, you have   also got to see the Twitter account.

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Friends, if seen, there can be all the reasons for deleting your free fire guest account.

  • If you reset your mobile for any reason then your guest account may get deleted in this situation.
  • If you deleted the Free Fire game for some reason and your guest account may still be deleted when you reinstalled it.
  • Even if you have deleted the obb files on your mobile, your guest account can be deleted.
Friends, these are the three biggest reasons due to which your account has been deleted, what will you have to do to bring it back, I will explain you step by step further.

How to get guest account back in Free Fire?

Friends, by the way, if the guest account is deleted in Free Fire, you have no way left and you think that maybe your account will never come back, but it is not that the Free Fire company has a solution for every problem, which today We are going to share with you, if you have also made a mistake by creating a guest ID, then there is nothing to worry about, we will try to explain you step by step here, which you try to understand carefully.

To bring back someone’s ID in Free Fire, you will first   have to go to Garena ‘s help center where you have to tell your problem and then they  contact you via  email but this process takes a lot of days due to which You may have to wait a lot, if your ID  is less than 50  level, then you do not have to worry about it, you can create a new ID and this time you have  to create a new ID either from  Facebook  or  Google , I am saying this because the ID of 50 level does not contain much special things and at the same time that ID cannot be found due to low level but if your ID  is above level 50 then you can try to find it. .


  • First of all you have   to go to Garena ‘s help center, you can click here and go directly to Garena help center.
  • Here you will get to see a search box, inside which you have  to search by typing Lost guest id  .
  • Right here you will see something written in English in which it is written that if your ID is deleted then there is no fault of its Free Fire.
  • Below this you   have to click on submit a request .
  • After clicking on submit a request  , a box will open here, inside which you have to  tell about your mobile name and your  gmail and your ID.
  • After a few days, the Free Fire team   will contact you via Gmail and let you know about your ID.
If we suggest that if your guest id has been deleted then you have to create a new id through facebook which will benefit you a lot and you will forget that guest id of yours.
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How to keep Free Fire guest id safe?

Friends, if you do not want to make mistakes like before, then you should take care of all these things.
1. If you make a Guest ID if it Free Fire Games go to Settings  Bind Account  you connect to facebook or google clicking so that id you ever could open by entering the password of Facebook.
2. If you create a guest id, then try that you never reset your mobile or delete the game, if you do this then your id will be deleted again.
3. Never remove the obb file by going to the file manager of your mobile because your account is saved in your obb file, if you delete it then it will only harm you.

Last thing-

So friends today we learned how to get guest account back in free fire? I hope you have liked this article, if any of your friend’s account is lost, then you can also share this article with him through whatsapp and if you need any other information, then you can comment us in the comment box below.

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