how to play free fire without downloading

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If you want to play Freefire then you know that you have to download it first. But maybe you do not know how to play Free fire without downloading? So if you want to know this then definitely read this post completely.

Friends, after the ban of PUBG, Free Fire is working to fill the shortage of PUBG in India. Today millions of people play Free Fire in India.

If you are also fond of this game, then today’s article is for you, here we are telling you a way by which you can play Free fire without downloading it.


how to play free fire without downloading

If you want to play Free Fire without installing, then first you have to follow some simple steps given below.

#1. First of all open play store in your mobile.

#2. Now search Freefire in the search bar!

#3. Now you will see the Freefire app in the result or you can also go to the direct free fire app by clicking on the link given below.

Download Free fire

#4. Now here before installing Free Fire, you will see the option of try now on the screen

#5. So if you want to test by playing this game then click on Try now button.

#6. Then Google Play will be instant open in your mobile. So wait for few seconds the game will take time to load.

#7. Now the Free Fire game will start opening as you can see in the screenshot below.

freefire gameplay

As soon as the game is fully loaded, you will be dropped through a parachute from where you can start playing Free Fire.


how to play free fire without downloading not try now

You can play Freefire for 2 minutes 15 seconds without downloading Free Fire in mobile.

After descending from the parachute, icons appear on the screen to move the player left right.

But in this trial version, you do not get any gun and if the enemies keep firing from the front, then you have to hide and avoid them.

freefire download

After playing this game for 2 minutes if you think the graphics of this game are great

Then to get full enjoyment of this game, you can download it in full on your mobile.


How to download free fire in your mobile?

• To download Free Fire to mobile, you will see a download button on the screen while playing Free Fire

• As soon as you click on that button, the install button appears in front of you on the screen.

freefire install

• On clicking install, Free Fire starts installing in your mobile.

• If you want, you can also install it directly on your mobile by searching Freefire on Google Play Store directly.

How many MB is Free Fire?

This gaming app is currently 689 MB. So far this game has been downloaded more than 500 million times on Play Store all over the world.

New updates keep coming in this game, along with updates, you have to use mobile data or wifi to update this gaming app.

How to play Free Fire without Net?

Freefire is an online multiplayer shooter game! To play which your mobile must have an active internet connection, if your mobile does not have internet then you will not be able to play Free Fire with good graphics.

To play Free Fire, your mobile must either have mobile internet or it is mandatory to have WiFi data.


So friends, after reading this article, now how do you play Freefire without downloading it? How to play without installing Free Fire first? You will get complete information about it in this article. If you are satisfied with this information then do not forget to share it with your friends on social media.

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