How to play FREE FIRE online? Best Guide to play

FREE FIRE is a very popular game in India and it is compared with PUBG MOBILE . The gameplay of FREE FIRE is very fast and it is necessary to win the game, whereas PUBG is lighter in comparison.

Popular games like PUBG MOBILE and CALL OF DUTY attract players a lot but to play them you need around 2GB of free space in the phone. This is not possible for many players, that is why FRE FIRE is a better option for them in which you only need around 500MB of free space.

The best part of playing FREE FIRE is that you do not have to download the game and you can play it online. For those players who are unable to free up 500MB of space on their phone, this is the best option to play the game. Another advantage is that you can test the game before downloading it. If you do not like FREE FIRE, you will not have to install it, otherwise you can install it anytime. Before playing FREE FIRE, check whether you have a good internet connection or not.

How to play FREE FIRE online?

You can play this game online by following these steps:

1) Open Google Play Store in your phone.

2) Search FREE FIRE.

3) Select the first option.

4) Along with the download game option, you will see an option “TRY NOW” on which you have to click.

Now you are completely ready to play this game. The game will start in 5-10 seconds depending on your internet speed.

This way you can play FREE FIRE without downloading it. If you like the game then you can also download it.

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