Ping problem is happening in Free Fire game, solution will be like this

Free Fire MAX: Everyone wants to perform better in Free Fire MAX, but due to high ping, players are not able to play properly. The game runs slowly. Many people are not aware of how to correct ping. In this article we will know how we can improve ping.

How to keep ping low in Free Fire MAX?

There is no fixed way to improve ping. You can improve it by following the steps given below. The lower the ping, the better the performance.

1- Turn off auto-update

Auto-update is available on Google Play Store. As soon as the update arrives, it starts downloading automatically. This slows down the internet connection and overall you may face problems. After turning off auto-update, the internet will run smoothly and overall ping will be better.

2- Turn off sync

The sync feature is present in the mobile and this also increases the ping. Data is synced to Google, Facebook and elsewhere. If it remains on, there will be a lot of internet expenses. Try to keep it closed always. This will not end the internet and the speed will be good. Overall there will be benefit in terms of ping.

3- Close background apps

Many apps use RAM. It has other apps including Instagram, Facebook. This app uses the internet and due to this your ping may increase in Free Fire MAX. To reduce ping, close all apps running in the background. This will benefit you to a great extent.

(Note: In this article, the author has given his opinion regarding ping. Everyone’s preference may be slightly different in this matter.)

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