Who is the owner of Free Fire? And which country’s game is Free Fire

Hello readers, welcome to your favorite website freefirenews.in, after seeing the title of this article you must have understood what topic we are going to talk about, so let us know about this topic in detail. If you also play the Free Fire game like me and are enjoying this game a lot, then you must be having many questions related to the Free Fire Max game somewhere in your mind.

Like who is the owner of Free Fire?  Which country’s game is Free Fire? Or Who is the owner of Free Fire Game? So in today’s article we will discuss the most important topics of which country is Free Fire a game? Will learn about in detail. As you may know, Free Fire Max game has more than 100 million downloads on the Play Store.
You all know that at present, one of the most popular games is the Free Fire game, which many people like to play. The most popular ones are children, who keep playing this game for many hours in the name of entertainment. So, the most important question in today’s article is who is the owner of Free Fire. Let us know about this in detail.

Who is the owner of Free Fire? 

The name of the owner of Free Fire game is Forrest Li. Who is the founder of Garena Company. He started his first business from Singapore and this company had made many top popular games even before the Free Fire game, but he made the Free Fire game which became the most popular game.

Which country’s game is Free Fire? 

Free Fire game is from Singapore, which is created by Singapore company Garena. This company is a company that makes Android and iOS games. Free Fire game was launched on 30 September 2017 by Garena Company of Singapore. And people also know this game by the name of Garena Free Fire game. Free Fire game is online multiplayer video game. Which became the world’s most downloaded game in 2019. Garena, the company making this game, was started in 2009, since then this company has been making many video games.

What is Free Fire Max game? 

In simple words, Garena Free Fire is an action based and online thrilling game which you can play online. This is an online thrilling game with the help of which you can talk to every game player and with the help of this game you can get rid of your pressure and stress and you all can feel refreshed by playing this game. You can also entertain yourself easily.

When was Garena Free Fire launched and who created it? 

Garena Free Fire game  is created by 111dots Studio  and launched by FOREST LI Garena International Pvt. Ltd.  on  4 December 2017. Free Fire is a real-time shooting game. The gameplay is very simple, 50 players drop into an island and the objective is to survive till the end. Players freely choose their landing location and find a place to stay inside the safe zone by avoiding their enemies.
One can team up with friends to play in a team which makes the game more fun. Free Fire offers realistic graphics with easy controls and challenging gameplay. This game became popular within a year and managed to make its 20th position among the most downloaded games in January 2019 and the same Free Fire also secured the sixth position among the most downloaded apps.
Game developers keep adding new features, characters, weapons to make the game more fun. Before jumping into the top facts on Free Fire, read our detailed blog about Free Fire if you want to know more about it.
 Note-  Free Fire has been officially banned by the Indian government, due to which players consider it appropriate to play the Max version.


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