how to lock free fire game: Lock Free Fire

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If you play Free Fire game on your phone or your child has become more addicted to Free Fire game and you want to stop him from playing Free Fire game, then we will tell you how to lock in Free Fire? Telling this, so that no one can play Free Fire game without your permission.

These days some gaming lovers playing Free Fire are so busy in this game, that their studies have a very bad effect. That’s why this article is going to be very useful for every parent and seniors.


how to lock free fire game: Lock Free Fire


Almost most of the phones already have an inbuilt setting option, through which you can lock any application present in your phone.

1: To lock the Free Fire game from the phone’s settings, first go to the Settings option on your smartphone.

2: After going to the Settings option, find the Security option, and click on it.

3: Now you have to find the option with App Lock and click on it.

4: Now you have to make pattern lock twice one after the other.

5: Now whatever applications you have in your phone, you will start seeing one line from top to bottom.

6: In whichever application you want to lock, you have to click on the lock icon in front of it.

choose app

7: If you want to put a lock in Garena Free Fire application, then you have to click on the lock icon in front of it.

8: Just doing that, Garena Free Fire will be locked.


How to Lock in Garena Free Fire from App?

Let us tell you that many people’s smartphones already have the option of locking the application in the inbuilt security feature, but there are many such smartphones which do not have this system due to some reason.

In this case, you have to download third party application from Google Play Store. Below you are also being told how you can lock in Garena Free Fire from third party applications.

1: To apply lock in Garena Free Fire through third party application, open Google Play Store on your smartphone.

2: After the Play Store is open, type AppLock in the search box above and then search.

3: Out of this, you have to click on the first application. Its link is being given below.

Download App Lock

4: After the installation of this application, open the application.

allow permisssion

5: Allow the permission the application is asking for.

enter password

6: Now enter any 4 digit code that you always remember. You have to enter this code total twice.



7: Now allow Display over other Apps.

8: Now come back.

9: Now scroll down and come down a bit, there you will see many applications. Find the Garena Free Fire application from it and click on the lock icon in front of it.

How to put a lock on Free Fire

10: As soon as you click on the lock icon, the lock will be closed. This means that Garena Free Fire game is now locked.

Now exit from this application and once again click on Garina Free Fire game application to check whether your application is locked or not.

 How to Remove Lock from Free Fire?

If you have installed a lock in Free Fire using the above-mentioned application, then you can remove the lock from Free Fire by following the procedure given below.

1: First of all open the above application.

2: Now enter your password.

3: Search Free Fire game from the list of applications.

4: After getting the game, tap on the lock mark made in front.

5: By doing that, the lock will be removed from the Free Fire game.



So friends, after reading this article, how to put a lock in Free Fire? You must have got complete information about this, if you are satisfied with this information then do not forget to share it.

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