List of leaked Free Fire MAX OB39 Magic Cube Bundles

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A new set of Free Fire MAX leaks pertaining to the upcoming Magic Cube Bundles for the OB39 update have emerged on the internet, indicating that numerous outfits will be introduced to the game in the coming days. VIPClown, a well-known data miner credited with frequent details regarding events and features before their release, can be attributed as the source for the recent leaks.

According to him, a total of 20 outfits will be up for grabs in the store’s Magic Cube section. Players from India, Bangladesh, and Singapore servers will have the opportunity to redeem these bundles in exchange for one Magic Cube. The following section provides more details about these outfits.


Free Fire MAX OB39 Magic Cube Bundles leaked

In one of his recent Instagram posts, VIPClown_OFC shared a long list of Magic Cube Bundles that could be available to Free Fire MAX players on the selected server. The outfits that might be available in the game in the OB39 update are as follows:

  • Rowdy Searuler Bundle
  • Beast-Arm Mutant Bundle
  • The Colossus Bundle
  • Scarlet Groom Bundle
  • Gothic Teddy Bundle
  • Beast-Arm Clone Bundle
  • Silver Titan Bundle
  • Ruby Bride Bundle
  • Revenge Full-Leather Bundle
  • L.C. Commander Bundle
  • The Age Gold Bundle
  • Capt. Punisher Bundle
  • Avenge Full-Leather Bundle
  • L.C. Colonel Bundle
  • The Era of Gold Bundle
  • Madame Punisher Bundle
  • Legionaries Bundle
  • Valkyrie Bundle
  • Mystic Seeker Bundle
  • Arcane Seeker Bundle

If these outfits do become available in the game, players will find a better variety to pick from while redeeming their precious Magic Cube.

Aside from providing a list of upcoming Magic Cube Bundles, the data miner has not shared the exact details for releasing these outfits into the game. However, these could be available in the OB39 version that will go live shortly.

Additionally, it is important to note that the details and list of outfits mentioned in the article are only leaks. As a result, they must be treated with a grain of salt, as Garena may or may not incorporate these outfits into the game in the latest version.

For those unaware, Magic Cube Bundles are outfits that were previously available in the game as part of the various Luck Royales. They are up for grabs again in the Magic Cube section under the Redeem tab.

Free Fire MAX players can collect Cube Fragments and exchange 100 of these for Cube, which can be redeemed for an attractive permanent outfit.