List of characters based on famous people in Free Fire

There are many characters in Free Fire. During this time, some characters were based on real life famous people. In this article we are going to talk about their characters.

List of characters based on famous people in Free Fire

#1 K

K has been described as a professor and expert in jiu-jitsu in Free Fire. Its power is Master of All. He increases 2 EP every three seconds. However, it takes 20 seconds to change modes. K at level 6 can easily increase 2 EP in two seconds. For this reason it can prove to be very beneficial.

#2 Jai

Jai is one of the newest characters in the game and is becoming more and more popular. Actually, it is based on Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan and it is the first Indian character in Free Fire. Its power is Raging Reload. Due to this you will benefit in ammo. Each weapon has different characteristics. If you look at it, even if there is shortage of ammo, you can easily eliminate the squad.

#3 Jota

The character of Jota is based on the famous Indonesian actor Joe Taslim. Jota is actually one of the best characters in Free Fire. Its power is Sustained Raids and it gives you HP on every kill with SMG or Shotgun. Also, only a short cooldown of 5 seconds is seen. This gives you advantage against enemies.


#4 Alok

The character named Alok is based on the famous DJ Alok Petrillo. DJ Alok can be called the best character of the game. It has a special power called Drop the Beat. It is very beneficial in healing and speed boost. You can win fights by using it in the game.

#5 Chrono

Cristiano Ronaldo’s character has arrived in Free Fire. Chrono has been added recently and his power is Time Turner. This prevents damage from enemies to a great extent. This also increases movement speed by 15%. Its cooldown time is 50 seconds.

(Note: The powers of the characters mentioned in this article are at the highest level.)

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