List Of 5 Stylish And Special Emotes Available In Free Fire Till January 2022

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Emote players use a lot in Free Fire. With this players are able to show their emotion. In this article, we are going to tell you about the top 5 stylish emotes present in this game till January 2022.

Free Fire is a game that is popular for its in-game items. Gamers love this game a lot and Garena is always presenting something new for them. There are many special items in this game including characters, weapons, pets, guns, glue walls, which make it very special. One of those items is named Emote. Emote plays a special role in this game. Let us tell you about some special characters present in Free Fire till 2022 in this article.

I’m Rich

This is a great emote. I’m Rich, Power of Money, and Make it Rain are some of the emotes inspired by the popular Spanish series Money Heist. I’m Rich copying a scene from the same series. This in-game character keeps cash on a pile and showers cash.

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Tea Time

This emote comes with a virtual desk and table and along with it a virtual cup also comes in the hands of the player. Every player likes this emote because after winning any match, he can comfortably drink tea on the table.

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Eat my dust

Eat my dust is a popular emote that was launched at a top-up event. Like every other top-up event, gamers had to buy diamonds from the store to get this emote for free. In this emote, the character jumps over a car and dances on its bonnet.

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Pirate’s Flag

The Pirate’s Flag emote was added to the game as a free reward through the “Pirate Top Up” event . Through this emote, the character displays a flag in the ground to display a spirited aggression. This is also a stylish character of this game.

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FFWC Throne

FFWC Throne is one of the rarest emotes you’ll find in Free Fire. Only players who have been playing Free Fire since 2019 can get this emote. After using this emote, the character creates a golden throne and sits on it in a royal style.

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