Land At These Places In Free Fire MAX, You Will Be Safe With Good Loot

To survive for a long time in Free Fire MAX, players should select such landing spots where they can remain safe and also get loot.

Story Highlights

  • Many maps are available in Free Fire MAX.
  • There are lots of landing spots on the maps.
  • Players should look for good loot as well as safe zones.

In Free Fire MAX , players mostly look for landing spots where they can get more loot. However, in such a situation their enemies can easily target them. To survive long in the game, one must land on a safe landing spot. Many players have a habit of playing safe and they look for landing spots where they can stay safe. If you also want to do this then don’t worry. Here today we are going to tell you some safe zones of different maps of the popular Battle Royale game. Come, let us know.

Best safe landing spots in Free Fire MAX

Mt. Villa (Purgatory)

Purgatory Map of Mt. Villa is a very safe place. It’s on the corner of the map. Because of this, players can easily stay safe here. There are very few people here. By landing it here, you can stay safe and also get good loot. After getting the loot, players can go to different places in rotation. By the time you reach the zone you will have collected a good amount of loot.

Mill (Bermuda)

Bermuda map is very much liked in Free Fire MAX. There are many such landing spots on it, where players get amazing loot. At the same time, there are some places where they can stay safe. This also includes Mill. The Mill is considered one of the nicest places on Bermuda. It is small on the map, but has good loot. Apart from loot, players can also cover themselves well here. With cover you can fight enemies easily. For this reason it is counted as a safe place.

Crossroads (Purgatory)

Purgatory’s Crossroads location also counts as a safe landing spot. Loot is also good here. Very few players come here. You can survive for a long time at this place situated in the south-west direction. Due to its remoteness, very few people come here.

At all these locations of Free Fire Max, players can get good loot as well as survive for a long time. Surviving long is also very important to win the game.

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