Knee Slide Moco Store entered in Free Fire MAX: Know how to get legendary emotes and other rewards?

Free Fire MAX: In Free Fire MAX, new events are constantly introduced inside Luck Royale, in which players are provided with tremendous rewards. Well, in this article we are going to take a look at how to get legendary emotes and other rewards from the Knee Slide Moco Store.

Knee Slide Moco Store entered in Free Fire MAX: Know how to get legendary emotes and other rewards?

The entry of the new Knee Slide Moco Store event on the Indian server has happened today i.e. on 15th February 2024. This event will last for two weeks. In Moco Store, players have been provided with two sections, Grand Prize and Bonus Prize, in which legendary rewards are available. Players will have to choose one reward each from these two sections. Here is the information about the items present in the grand prize and bonus prize:

grand prize

  • Knee Slide emote
  • Glue Wall – Steady Goal
  • Magenta Striker Bundle
  • Cloud Rider emote
  • SCAR – Phantom Assassin Skin
  • M24 – Riverdust Splashe Skin

bonus prize

  • Grenade – Magenta Football
  • Loot Box – Trophy Case
  • Backpack – Steel Striker
  • Floating Cloud
  • पैन – Silver Frost
  • Parachute – Kite Sky

Players will have to select and confirm one favorite prize each from the Grand Prize and Bonus Prize. The prize pool will open on the screen. Here is the list of rewards:

  • A prize selected from the grand prize
  • Prize selected from bonus prize
  • x2 cube fragments
  • x2 Demolitionist Weapon Loot Crate
  • Luck Royal Voucher
  • Gold Royal Voucher

The price of diamonds will increase after every spin in this Moco Store. This is how the spins are going to be priced, which includes 9, 19, 49, 99, 199 and 499 diamonds. A total of 874 diamonds will be spent in this, in which all the expensive and cheap rewards will be available.

How to get rewards from Knee Slide Moco Store?

Step 1: Free Fire MAX game has to be logged in on the smartphone.

Step 2: Go to Luck Royale and select the “Knee Slide Moco Store” event.

Step 3: You can spend diamonds to spin and claim rewards.

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