Is it legal to use Happymod in Free Fire?

Many people try to be better than other players in Free Fire. Many people are not successful in this and in such a situation they look for wrong methods. Due to this, they turn to mod apps which mostly do not work.

What is Happymod in Free Fire?

Happymod is actually a mod version of the game where players get to see features like M Boat and ESP. On many videos and websites it is said that these modes work.


Is this legal?

Using any kind of mod APK is called hacking. Even if it does, players should not use it because it is not legal. According to the official website of Garena Free Fire, cheating means “using any third-party software, game client, or mod client to play the game in a way that is not impossible.”

Happymod is actually involved in this very thing and hence it is not legal. Free Fire always keeps its policy ahead and in such a situation your account can be banned forever. Actually, the developers do not tolerate cheating in the game and directly ban your account forever.

The anti-hack FAQ states that devices found guilty of cheating will be banned forever. After this, that person will never be able to play Free Fire with any other account or from the same device on that device. Many people have already been banned for playing the game wrongly and you must not make any mistake.

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