invisible and stylish nickname in Free Fire MAX

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Free Fire MAX is one of the most dynamic gaming titles in the battle royale category. The title has gained a vast player base across the globe with its HD-quality graphics and immersive in-game elements

Garena has added many customizations in settings that players can change for better gameplay. This includes sensitivity settings, HUD controls, and IGN or In-Game Names. IGN customization is one of the most beloved features where players can add cool texts and symbols to make their profile stand out.

Players have developed cool tricks with which they can create an invisible nickname. The trick requires basic internet browsing skills and in a few steps, players can get the trending invisible name.

Guide to getting an invisible nickname in Free Fire MAX

Gamers are always looking for ways to make their profiles look cooler and their nicknames are an important aspect of the same.

Players can use the following guide to create an invisible IGN in Free Fire MAX:

1) Head to the browser on your device and search for websites that offer Unicode 3164 services.

2) After that, the user must copy the Unicode Character” ” (U+3164) by tapping and holding on to the shown box.

3) In the next step, paste the copied U+3164 character into the notepad on the device.

The user should copy the Unicode 3164 and the superscript of the other three characters (image via Google)

4) Now, create a superscript of three to four characters in the notepad. To do this, players can copy and paste the same below the U+3164 character in the notepad where the previous characters are pasted.

5) Now, copy all the characters and head to Free Fire MAX, and paste them while changing the IGN with the help of a rename card.

Upon pasting the characters, simply click on the confirm button to change to a new invisible nickname.

Garena developers have made it very easy for players to change their names in Free Fire MAX. Gamers are required to own a rename card and can then quickly get a cool name for their in-game character.

Players who want to change their nickname can follow the guidelines discussed below:

Change nickname in Free Fire MAX (image via Garena)


1) Open Free Fire MAX on your smartphone.

2) Head to the inventory section and look for a rename card.

3) Players who don’t have a rename card can visit the in-game shop to purchase it.

4) Upon purchasing the card, players can tap on it to start the name change procedure.

5) Upon clicking on the rename card, players will get a dialog box to add a new name.

6) Players can paste their desired name in the box and click on the Confirm button to complete the name change process.

Players can purchase rename cards from the store for 390 diamonds. However, they must be careful while changing their name as 390 diamonds is a huge amount and not all players can afford it.

Other than diamonds, players who are in a guild can use guild coins to purchase a rename card. Each rename card costs 39 diamonds + 200 guild coins in the gild store. Individuals can earn guild coins by completing guild missions available in the daily missions section.