In the last two weeks, 1,335,831 accounts were banned in Free Fire due to cheating

Free Fire releases a report every second week where it reveals the number of banned accounts and other information. Recently new reports have come out where Free Fire said that they have banned 1,335,831 accounts which have cheated.

50% of the accounts have been banned because of other players. Last week, Garena banned 1,683,261 accounts due to cheating. This week 26% less accounts have been banned. Apart from this, Free Fire has banned a total of 80,290 accounts for deliberately teaming up with hackers.

A look at the reasons and percentage of accounts banned in Free Fire

Information about the ban imposed on the accounts of players hacked using hacking software in the last two weeks:

⦁ 62% of the accounts have been banned for taking auto-am measures. Actually, in this the players automatically take aim without any help with the help of the script.

⦁ 28% accounts have been banned due to teleporation. Actually, players use it to move quickly from one place to another.

⦁ 3% accounts have been banned for going through walls, players have benefited from this and due to this their accounts have been deleted.

⦁ 2% of accounts have been banned for using antenna hacks. This lets the player know the location of the opponents.

⦁ Another 5% of accounts are banned due to other reasons.

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