If you also want to increase your rank in Free Fire, then follow these 3 methods

Free Fire MAX: It is very difficult to increase the rank in Free Fire MAX. Everyone wants to move forward by working hard. This work is not easy and it takes time. You can improve your performance by keeping some simple things in mind. In this article we will talk about 3 ways by which the rank can be increased quickly.

3 ways to increase rank faster in Free Fire MAX

3) Focus on kills along with survival

To push rank you don’t just have to get kills. You also have to survive. Always try to survive till the end and take risks and get some kills. This will be of great benefit. It is difficult to coordinate the two but if you work hard, the K/D ratio will also be maintained along with the rank push.

2) Choose the right landing spot

Getting a good landing spot is very important in Free Fire MAX. There should be better loot for this. If you have good loot, you will be able to survive longer. For this reason, landing should be done at a place where the risk is less and people are more likely to meet. This will be very beneficial in increasing the rank. Keep in mind that teammates should also be good.

1) Don’t play with random people

Everyone wants to perform better in Ranked Squad Mode and that is why you should play only with your squad. Prepare a good team and play with it only. Playing with random people always makes things difficult and puts you at a disadvantage in terms of rank.

(Note: In this article, the author has given his opinion regarding the way of playing. Everyone’s choice may be different.)

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