How to win more Free Fire MAX Clash Squad matches

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Clash Squad is one of the two permanent game modes in Free Fire MAX and has a separate ranking system. It is distinguished by a smaller play zone where players are divided into two teams of four and must purchase their weapons at the beginning of each round instead of picking them from the ground.

Due to the shorter duration, the rounds in this mode are packed with tremendous intensity and offer fast-paced gun fights. Clash Squad is slightly different from the traditional battle royale mode, and users have to adopt a different approach to eliminate opponents and secure more wins.

Tips to win more matches in Free Fire MAX Clash Squad mode

5) Better approach and balanced use of utility

In Free Fire MAX Clash Squad mode, players might risk being eliminated more often if they decide to split off from the group and press forward without support, especially because they might have to fight multiple enemies at once.

It is always advisable for gamers to play in pairs to trade with their teammates if they lose gun fights while maintaining balance within the round. At the same time, the proper utilization of Gloo Wall grenades and frag grenades can turn the course of an entire round. Hence, gamers should be prompted with utility utilization.

Usually, it is better to take control of a particular area rather than pick fights. Subsequently, users can wait in an advantageous position for their opponents to attack.

4) Communication and teamwork

Since the Free Fire MAX Clash Squad mode is played in groups of four, the team with better coordination and communication is likely to have the upper hand. Users should share any available information with their teammates while fighting or even after being knocked.

Furthermore, all purchases must be made in tandem with the team. For instance, gamers should avoid purchasing an AWM while the entire team can barely get rifles in their hands. In addition to actively reviving their teammates in Free Fire MAX Clash Squad, they should also actively drop items whenever it is feasible.

3) Avoid running behind eliminations and focus on winning rounds

Getting a certain number of frags during the course of the match is meaningless if you end up losing the game. Some players often attempt to get as many frags as possible while also putting an almost-won round on the line. Instead, they can choose to retreat into safe ground after eliminating one opponent. Also, it is not a good idea to run behind the few remaining opponents and be eliminated.

With this numerical advantage maintained throughout the round and in the smaller playing zones in the latter part, it will likely be enough to seal the deal and win the game.

2) Characters and pets

The choice of characters and pets in Free Fire MAX is entirely subjective, depending on the individual’s preference. However, some of them are not meant for the mode itself. This includes pets like Falco, Night Panther, and Shiba, while characters like Ford, Misha, Paloma, and Natora are ineffective.

Users should make appropriate selections given that their abilities collectively enhance gameplay. Characters with active skills like Alok, K, and Skyler are a better option. Coming to the pet, Beaston, Rockie, and Ottero are suitable options.

1) Practice and warmup

Players can consistently play the Free Fire MAX Clash Squad mode to essentially get the hang of its nature and mold their style of play. Additional practice on the training island will help improve the overall aim, making eliminating opponents easier. Since the mode is played in a smaller area, it is better to be proficient with the usage of shotguns.

While warming up before playing the first match can get gamers in their best form, which will help them win more games. This can be easily done in the combat zone of the training island, facing some opponents.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer’s opinion.