How to win as many matches as possible in Clash Squad mode of Free Fire MAX?

Free Fire MAX: Everyone likes the Clash Squad mode in Free Fire MAX. This is an aggressive mode and carries a lot of risk. Due to this, it is difficult to perform well consistently. You can improve your gameplay by keeping some things in mind. In this article we will know how to win more in Clash Squad mode.

How to win as many matches as possible in Clash Squad mode of Free Fire MAX?

4) Build rapport

Maintain constant coordination during matches. Only this can benefit you to a great extent. You should ask for help and support your partner when he or she needs it. This will be beneficial.

3) Focus on winning instead of kills

Some people focus on getting as many kills as possible in matches. Due to this greed they get knocked down. You should focus on winning rounds, not kills. This will make it easier to win the match to a great extent.

2) Correct use of characters and pets

Right choice of characters and pets can be beneficial for you. Both have unique strengths and can be used to improve performance. Falco, Night Panther and Shiba are good pets for the Clash Squad and talking about characters, options like Ford, Misha, Paloma and Natora can be useful.

1) Practice consistently

Keep practicing to consistently perform well in Free Fire MAX. You have to spend time in the training ground using guns. Improve your aim and overall you will benefit to a great extent.

(Note: The author has given his opinion in this article. Everyone’s preference may be slightly different regarding the way to play.)

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