How to use voice chat in Free Fire?

Voice chat is an important part of any game, and chat has a lot of importance in Free Fire too, in which players can use it while playing squad or duo matches, which gives a lot of advantage to the players and increases the chances of winning. Let’s go.

In Free Fire, there are voice chat options available to influence the players, the player can use them to talk to the players present in the squad. Well, in this article we are going to tell you how to use voice chat in Free Fire.

How to use voice chat in Free Fire?

After starting Free Fire, all players have the option to do voice chat on the screen in the lobby, which can be easily used by everyone. The mic button is present on the right side of the player, which the player can see in the photo below.

When the player starts the game, a mic button will appear on the left side, by turning it on, he can easily talk to the players in the squad.

If players want to change the mic settings, they can do so by going to the control settings. Below are the steps you can follow to change the settings:

Step 1: Start Free Fire and click on the gear button on the right side.

Step 2: Settings will open, click on Sound and change.

Step 3: There are three settings in the mic, music, sound effect and voice, the player can adjust it as per his choice.

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