How to use the 360° Glue Wall trick in Free Fire?

In Free Fire MAX, everyone wants to cover themselves by using Glue Walls in a better way. Everyone must have heard about 360 degree glue wall. With its help you can cover yourself from all sides. Many people still do not know about this glue wall trick. Therefore, in this article we are going to talk about this glue wall placement trick.

How to apply the 360° glue wall trick in Free Fire?

The 360° glue wall trick is easy to perform but has to be done correctly and with care. If you do not want to leave a gap, then you have to rotate the screen properly. Keep in mind that you may need 2-3 glue walls for this trick.

Easy steps to perform the trick

You can use 360° Glue Wall Skin by following the steps given below:

Step 1: First of all you have to keep the crosshair close to the feet.

Step 2: Immediately you have to apply the first glue wall. After this you have to rotate it to the other side and paste the other glue wall again.

This way you will be able to cover yourself from all sides. Be careful not to leave any space. Otherwise someone may attack you through the gap.

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Step 3: Even after applying the glue walls, if there is any space left, you can place the third glue wall there. With this you will not face any problem in getting cover.

This glue wall trick is not easy at all. You may have to work very hard here. In such a situation, players should practice and only then use it.

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