How to use smoke grenade in Free Fire MAX during fight like pro players?

Free Fire MAX: Everyone wants to perform well in Free Fire MAX and skills are required for this. Proper use of smoke grenade can give you advantage in rank push and defeating the opponents. Many people do not use it properly. In this article we will know how smoke grenades can prove beneficial in fights.

How to use smoke grenade in Free Fire MAX during fight like pro players?

1) To avoid third party attacks

Many times you have a fight with one of your teams and in the meantime the third team takes advantage and tries to get a kill. If you get stuck in that situation, a smoke grenade can work to your advantage. To prevent any third team from spotting you, you can smoke nearby. This is going to be beneficial to a great extent.

2) Will be useful in open space

You get to know the correct use of smoke grenade in open space. If you are on an open ground, then there will be a chance of you being attacked from all sides. In such a situation, you can save yourself by using smoke grenade.

3) to change place

In Free Fire MAX, many times opponents rush and in such situations you have to protect yourself. Smoke grenades can be used in this thing. By applying this you can change your place by avoiding players.

4) Distract opponents

During fights you can distract opponents by using smoke grenades in the final zone. You can divert the attention of your opponents by smoking somewhere else. They will feel that there are opponents there. You can knock them from another place.

(Note: The author has given his opinion in this article. Everyone’s preference may be different regarding the use of smoke grenade.)

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