How to use Redeem Codes in Free Fire MAX on the official website?

Free Fire MAX: Redeem codes are a much discussed topic in Free Fire MAX. People want to get and use these codes. You can get all kinds of cool things through redeem codes. Codes are released by the developers for each location on social media and by using them, fans can get special rewards in the game.

The developers have also created a separate website to redeem the redeem codes. Because of this you do not face that much problem. Redeem codes are usually 12 digits long. Many people have a question in their mind that how can these redeem codes be used after receiving them. In this article we will take a look at how to use redeem codes.

How to use Redeem Codes in Free Fire MAX on the official website?

Follow the steps given below to use the redeem codes:

  • Open a browser and search for the official website of the redeem code. You can go directly to the website by clicking here.
  • After opening the page, you have to login with the account with which you have created your account in the game.
  • After login, the redemption website will open and you will find three tabs in the middle.
  • You will get text option here and paste the code.
  • Click on the Confirm button below and after this you will get the message “Congratulations”. This means you have received a reward.
  • Open Free Fire MAX and go to the mail section to collect the reward.

Redeem codes are released for a limited time. That’s why if you delay, then it might show an error. The code of each region is different and due to this some codes may not work in India.

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