How to Use Indian Players Redeem Code in Free Fire?

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Apart from India, Free Fire is a very famous battle royale game in other countries as well. This game is played by billion players in the world on mobile platform. The OB30 update is currently included.

In this update, players have received a lot of great and fun things. Like characters, pets, craftland mod, treatment shotgun, treatment sniper and other rewards etc. These are all expensive rewards. They have to be bought with diamonds currency.

Actually, redeem codes are the best option to get rewards and items for free. But, some new players do not know how to use them. Well, in this article we are going to tell how to use Indian Players Redeem Code in Free Fire.

How to Use Indian Players Redeem Code in Free Fire?

Redeem codes in Free Fire are released by Garena. These codes are brought for a limited time only. This code consists of a total of 12 letters, which are formed by counting the English words.

These codes are launched to players on Garena’s official account or website. Therefore, players can access information on the account and website. Well, below is a guide for the players on how to use the redeem code on the official website of Reward Redemption.

Step 1:- Players have to open the official website of Rewards Redemption in their device.

Step 2:- After that the first page of the website will open on the screen.

Step 3:- Many social media account options will be shown to login. Like Facebook, VK login, Google, Apple and Twitter etc. Players can login using any account of their choice.

Note:- Gist account is not available for players. So it is important to keep this in mind.

Step 4:- After login, a dialog box will open on the screen. In it the players will see a text box.

Step 5:- In that text box you have to enter the redeem code launched by Garena. Confirm the rewards received.

These prizes are not sent directly to the players account. Rewards received from redeem codes are emailed to players. So go to the players email and collect the rewards.

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