How to use Glue Wall better in Free Fire MAX?

Free Fire MAX: Glue walls are used extensively in Free Fire MAX. You can benefit from this to a great extent in Battle Royale and Clash Squad mode. You can protect yourself from attacks and create cover for yourself by placing Glue Wall during fights. It also plays a very important role in the final zone. Many people keep glue walls with them, but there are some ways in which you can improve its use. In this article we will learn how you can use glue wall effectively.

How to use Glue Wall better in Free Fire MAX?

1) General Sensitivity

You can benefit to a great extent by using sensitivity settings properly. This determines the movement of the screen. You can keep the settings here at 100. This will increase movement and improve reflexes. Overall, you will be able to apply glue wall faster.

2) To revive friends

If all your companions are knocked out and you are in an open area, then using Glue Wall would be a better option. You have to apply the glue wall and after that you can easily revive it to your friends. Many people ignore this thing and if you are one of them, then it is a big mistake.

3) Change layout settings

Layout sensitivity settings play an important role in Free Fire MAX. These settings may be different for everyone. Most people play with two fingers and some use a claw setup. You will have to apply the settings as per your choice and place the Glue Wall button in a place in the layout where you can click it immediate love. With this you will be successful in avoiding the attack.

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